During 2015 Drogheda Homeless Aid provided emergency accommodation for 133 men. In addition to the provision of emergency accommodation in the hostel,  Drogheda Homeless Aid supports all residents in through a Resettlement Support Service. A major focus of our resettlement service is to encourage clients to recognise why they have become homeless in the first place.  Drogheda Homeless Aid offers a safe and warm environment in which clients can come to terms with their homelessness and staff help prepare then for moving out of our hostel to independent living. Progression and self-development are encouraged through regular one-to-ones and mentoring with each resident.

The Resettlement Team assists residents in sourcing alternative accommodation and prepares them for their transition into independent living. As part of the resettlement service, clients are offered assistance with housing applications and are also linked in with relevant services such as social welfare, health services, addiction services, mental health services, counselling services, budgeting services, legal services, educational services and employment services. Each client is also offered a Holistic Needs Assessment which enables staff to draw up a beneficial care plan that will assist in addressing the person’s specific needs.

The ultimate aim of the resettlement team is to encourage clients to live an independent and fulfilled life. When clients make the transition from our hostel to independent living, the resettlement team accompanied by a support worker or a volunteer visits them in their homes to support them in their transition into independent living and helps them ensure that the client is managing their accommodation and having a positive resettlement experience.

During 2015, 133 individuals have been accommodated in Drogheda Homeless Aid and all of these have been supported by the resettlement team in moving into independent living. Many of these were completely resettled into the community and are now living independently, no longer in need of homeless services - as they are no longer homeless, due in part to the supports provided by DHA. Others have moved onto services such as treatment centres.

Drogheda Homeless also currently makes regular contacts and visits 50 resettled clients that are supported on a regular basis in order to sustain their tenancies and to ensure that they can avail of advice and social support that will help them to continue to live independently and break the cycle of homelessness.

Drogheda Homeless Aid also provides approximately 300 hot meals per week for its residents and for ex-residents.

For further information on our resettlement, tenancy sustainment and home visit services, please contact Emma Moore, Resettlement Co-ordinator, on or (041) 983 4492.